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10 Tips for the perfect wedding and engagement photoshoot in Santorini

Are you planning a destination wedding, pre-wedding, after-wedding, or engagement photoshoot in Santorini, or maybe a magical couple photo session on this iconic island? Then this article is a must-read for you! I will answer any questions you might have about how to prepare for an ideal photoshoot in Santorini, which details to focus on, and of course - share a few photographer secrets that will make the whole shooting experience enjoyable. Here are my top 10 tips!

Tip 1. Plan your photoshoot locations

One of the advantages of having a wedding in Greece is being captivated by magnificent views all around! So many dreamy islands, azure water, and warm sunlight caressing your senses. Speaking about the most beautiful Greek islands, in this aspect Santorini certainly offers the best locations. This gorgeous island has countless places that you can use for your wedding photoshoot in Santorini, but which one to choose? I would advise taking advantage of the most scenic spots, but if you’ve come across a less known place, you are most welcome to share your ideas! Pinterest is a great source for finding inspiration, so you can also create a board of locations you liked best and share it with me. We will discuss and include the most amazing ones that are on your route.

Photoshoot with long flying dress in Santorini
Photoshoot in Santorini with flying dress

Tip 2. Plan your coiffure

Even though it can get quite windy on this island, as a professional wedding photographer in Santorini, I can assure you that windy weather can add an even more magical touch to the photos. I would only advise that for the process to run more smoothly, you should think carefully about choosing a hairstyle. For example, if you wish for a loose hairstyle, the wind will cover your face and that, unfortunately, cannot be improved even with Photoshop.

If the weather forecast says it’s going to be windy, think about ways you can arrange your hair up and fixed instead of opting for a loose hairstyle. Hair spray and fixing your coiffure will do the trick, making your hair look flawless even during strong winds. Your face won’t be hidden nor have an “a-la-witch” look. That way, instead of checking and rearranging it every minute, you will enjoy your wedding photoshoot in Santorini by being confident in your impeccable appearance.

Wedding and engagement photoshoot in Santorini
Wedding photoshoot in Santorini

Tip 3. Choosing professional makeup is always worth it!

Of course, it’s up to you to decide whether to do the makeup by yourself or get it done by a professional make-up artist. However, you should understand how grand is the role of makeup. It will determine the end result that you will get in your photos. My advice for you is this:

• First, by choosing a professional make-up artist, you will have someone who knows how to highlight your natural beauty and enhance your appearance. There are artists who specialize in makeup for photoshoots in Santorini and they know how to do the perfect makeup that would be specially tailored for your complexion, making you look radiant and awe-inspiring in every single photo.

• Second, perfect makeup really does magic. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen how much confidence a woman gains after seeing her reflection in a mirror, with magnificent polished makeup and glorious coiffure. It would feel more natural for you to reveal your model side when you know how perfect you look. Not checking and fixing your appearance every minute is liberating am I right? That way you will enjoy the photoshoot confident in your own authentic beauty, and I will be able to portray your gorgeous bridal bliss in the most dreamy way!

Wedding preparation photoshoot in Santorini
Preparation photoshoot in Santorini

Tip 4. Choose your outfits wisely (for not-wedding couple photoshoot in Santorini)

If you are planning a couple or an engagement photoshoot in Santorini, the color and style of clothes that you will be wearing during the photo session are of great importance for the end result.

My recommendation is that your chosen outfits should be in harmony with your partner. Have in mind that also your styling should be coherent with the atmosphere of the chosen locations. In other words, your outfit should complement and organically fit the image you want to create on your photographs rather than dragging the viewers’ attention only to yourself.

If you are not sure about the styling choice, feel free to reach out to me and we will discuss your options, then choose the most fitting ones.

Photoshoot with long flying dress in Santorini
Photoshoot with long flying dress in Santorini

Tip 5. Bringing comfy footwear is of the essence!

The most beautiful part of Santorini island, with all of those picturesque classic buildings of whitewashed walls and blue domes; is located on the hill. That means only one thing, it has many steps that you need to climb up for your photo session. That being said, it will be a challenge if you are wearing high heels and will end up looking tired - we simply can’t have that! That is why I recommend all my brides to wear comfortable flat shoes while moving from spot to spot. This will not only keep you from getting very exhausted but will also ease your walking in between sessions so you can enjoy all those breathtaking views the island has to offer.

Tip 6. Take water with you

Naturally, a photo session takes much longer than a few minutes. If you haven’t been to Greece before, you should know that the climate is hot and may lead to dehydration if you don’t have water bottles. Therefore for your wedding photoshoot in Santorini, bring a few bottles for you and your partner to quench the thirst and stay fresh and hydrated.

After wedding photoshoot in Santorini
After wedding photoshoot in Santorini

Tip 7. Take face wipes with you

If the weather forecast says it’s going to be a hot and sunny day for your destination wedding in Santorini, there will be a risk for your makeup to start melting. It is always handy to bring face wipes with you because they will be needed to fix your makeup in a heartbeat, making you shine again. So, do not forget to add them to the list of what you need to bring in your handbag.

Tip 8. Do not forget your sunglasses

Santorini is one of the sunniest Greek islands. Its whitewashed Cycladic architecture perfectly reflects the light, which is enough to make any shot sublime. That is why, usually, a wedding photographer in Santorini doesn’t use reflectors but works wonders with natural light. The light is definitely one of my favorites assets when working there, and generally speaking one of the reasons why this island is an ideal place for romantic photoshoots.

However, the light might be too dazzling for couples and raise difficulties. It is hard to focus on the photo shoot when you squint your eyes, trying hard to keep them open! As a solution, I would recommend wearing sunglasses for some shots. Ideally, the sunglasses should be a chic accessory that will be in the same style for you and your partner, complementing your appearance instead of making it imbalanced. Sunglasses are also a great way to make a fashionable statement for your romantic engagement photoshoot in Santorini, so remember to bring them!

Proposal photoshoot in Santorini
Proposal photoshoot in Santorini

Tip 9. Take your camera with you

Photo sessions require a lot of walking so there lays an opportunity to enjoy many incredible places with breathtaking views! Take a few photos with your camera or smartphone, because your family and friends (and social media of course) are eagerly waiting to see snaps of your amazing time there. I will be glad to take a couple of snapshots for you, it’s all about creating memories right!?

Wedding in Santorini
Wedding photoshoot in Santorini

Tip 10. Enjoy the moment to the fullest!

At the end of the day, don’t think about how you will look in the photographs, about how to pose, etc. Relax and be natural, posed photography is much less attractive. I believe in your love story and unique beauty, that is why I cherish candid photography. It is the only thing that is able to capture the raw moments of happiness and the profoundness of love. There is nothing like witnessing the natural affection that comes to you both and the pleasure of portraying your emotions.

I always do my best to curate a casual and relaxed atmosphere for my photoshoots. When you stop thinking only about posing, moving from spot to spot, and your look; you will discover that the world around you is amazing. Enjoy this enchanting island in its full splendor, do not mask your emotions but show them. The world is your oyster and your greatest love chapter is about to begin so share your true feelings with your partner. Smile, laugh, kiss each other as much as your heart and your lips wish!

Enjoy the whole experience, because that is the best way to live an extraordinary day. Exactly that is what makes you look truly stunning in your photographs!

Photoshoot in Santorini
Photoshoot in Santorini


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